Microsoft Dynamics GP vs Sage 100 ERP Accounting Software

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage 100 are ideal solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to use due to its familiar interface of Microsoft Office and role-based home pages that recognize the unique needs of different roles within an organization. Also, Management Reporter and SQL Reporting Services provide powerful and comprehensive reporting and analytics to the end user.

It is true that Sage 100 comes at a slightly lower cost that Microsoft Dynamics GP, but the latter delivers more functionality across core financials, distribution and manufacturing. So, before jumping to any conclusions you should consider the cost of acquisition versus your ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides small to mid-sized international companies a modifiable software solution. Unlike Sage 100, which only handles US currency and is only available in English, Dynamics GP provides multi-currency capabilities as well.

Also, Sage 100 is only available in English and may not be suited to international companies, whereas Dynamics Great Plains supports multiple languages

Although integration with Microsoft Office is available with the Sage product, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains by default provides seamless integration with the Office suite.

Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Sage 100

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sage 100

Small to medium businesses

Small to medium businesses

Cloud based

Cloud based


US Currency Only

Multiple Languages

English Only

Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

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