Professional Services

In professional services, it's all about time. Collecting it, billing it, and accounting for it - it's the one thing you've got to sell. And as every professional services business knows, the most difficult thing about being in the business of selling time is that it's intangible.

What if you had a software solution that not only helped ensure you're billing and collecting on every hour worked, but also helped you increase your utilization by tracking time and improving processes? What if you could do it all with an integrated software solution designed specifically with your business in mind, that helped you manage resources, quote accurately on jobs, and handle the delicate business of selling time and expertise?

What if you had WebSan?

At WebSan, we know what it's like to run a professional services business - in fact, we run our own. We've faced the challenges you face, and have developed our professional services solutions with our own success in mind. That means you get a functional, effective solution that works just the way you want it. And we think that's what's most important.

With a professional services solution from WebSan, you can:

  • Record time more easily, for faster billing and improved cash flow
  • Gain more visibility into the status of your projects, so you know when your resources are available
  • Manage and track customer interactions and project progress, for smoother, more improved customer relations
  • Forecast demand, allocate resources and accurately fill your pipeline
  • Realize every billable hour for every resource
  • Improve quoting with increased visibility into past projects
  • And more...

For an improvement to your professional services business, you need to talk to WebSan today.

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