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CRM Built by Financial Advisors, for Financial Advisors

CRM Built by Financial Advisors, for Financial Advisors

Streamline your client interactions, improve customer service and drastically reduce manual data entry. Dynamics 365 for Financial Services enhances your client experience, enriches your access to key customer information in one centralized database and boosts your office efficiency while simplifying your day to day work.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

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   Technology Utilized:

   Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

   Microsoft PowerApps

   Microsoft Power BI

   Microsoft Exchange Online

   Microsoft Office 365 (includes SharePoint Online)

   Ideal For:

   5-100 users

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   *Assumes you already have Dynamics 365 for Sales License

Manage your Practice Effectively

Leverage a pre-configured, out of the box solution tailored to your industry.

Seamless integration to O365 and Exchange Online

Track every client interaction automatically with full integration to Office 365 and Exchange. Emails are automatically linked to client records in CRM, along with tasks, calendar entries and phone calls.

Limitless Possibilities

Not only does the Financial Services template come pre-configured with hundreds of fields and dozens of workflows, it can be further customized to your specific needs.

Audit Trails

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 auditing feature logs changes that are made to customer records and user access so you can review the activity later. The auditing feature is designed to meet the auditing, compliance, security, and governance policies of many regulated enterprises.

Dashboards and Reports

Upcoming client meetings, client segmentation, tasks requiring attention and much more. Dynamics 365 gives you everything you need in one place, easily accessible with minimal effort.

Know your Client

Enjoy a 360° View of your client information, communications, investments, goals, family members, all in one place.


know your client

Update once, see it everywhere

Update Family contact information on one place, one time and the Dynamics 365 solution for Financial Services takes care of ensuring that the appropriate information is updated at the household level.

One view to manage Household and Individual Financial Plans

Track each member of the household separately, but also together. Each member of the household may have their own financial plans, goals and investments. Dynamics 365 keeps all the records separate as you need them to be, but visible together as well.

Manage Client Review meetings and associated tasks

Schedule Client Review meetings into the future and let Dynamics take care of ensuring that your staff tackles all the important tasks leading up to the meeting.

Be Mobile and Secure

Access your key client information on your phone, tablet or computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Update information on the go

Update information on the go

Whether you’re in the office, or waiting to walk into a meeting with an important client you have everything you need right at your fingertips. No need to write down notes for your staff to update records when you return to the office. Dynamics 365 for Financial Services in the Cloud enables you access to your information in real-time, all the time.
Secure Document Storage and Records Management

Secure Document Storage and Records Management

Key documents can be scanned and attached your Client records in SharePoint Online. SharePoint is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 and scanned or photographed pictures are immediately uploaded to the Cloud and linked to your Client records so you have records management all in one place.
Ensure Compliance and Security with Microsoft Azure

Ensure Compliance and Security with Microsoft Azure

Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365 for Financial Services ensures 99.5% uptime and the most sophisticated data security in the world.