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New to Dynamics GP?

Do you have unanswered questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP? Here are some questions to help you on your journey?

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive online accounting and business management solution that helps companies capitalize on every opportunity and continue to grow. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps your people keep up with the competition and handle changing markets, while adapting to unique business requirements, and connecting all the business processes across your organization.

What is the cost of Hosted Dynamics GP?

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Who owns the data?

You own the data and WebSan Solutions owns the application as well as any customizations and/or enhancements made to it. Note that CRM customizations are owned by the Customer.

Where is the data hosted?

The data is hosted in a secure, SAS70 (SSAE16) Certified, Tier II data center located in Toronto, with a second disaster recovery facility. This enables us to restore our Client systems to any point in time.

How often is my data backed up?

Data is backed up every 30 mins across our two data centres.

How is the system accessed?

Dynamics GP is delivered via Windows Server 2012R2 Remote published applications and accessed using a web browser on your local computer, a tablet device, or your favourite mobile device.

Does anything need to be installed on my computer to enable access to the system?

No, as long as you are running Windows XP SP3 (or above) and on Internet Explorer 7 or above, that is all you need.

Is it a multi-tenant environment, or is our system on its own server?

Each Client has their own "virtual" server, with Windows, SQL (database) and Dynamics GP installed on it.

No data is share amongst Clients and each Client only has access to their environment, which is configured for 20 GB of storage. Dynamics CRM customers have unlimited storage.

What about updates to the system?

There is no charge for an upgrade.

Are upgrades pushed, or are they coordinated with the Client?

Upgrades are coordinated with the Client.

Are there any fees for an upgrade?

We only charge for Professional services if there is additional training or the Client wants to take advantage of new functionality in the latest release.

I don't want my staff to access the system from home, can I restrict access to certain locations?

Yes, WebSan has the option to enable location based access in which you can restrict access for all or some users to certain locations.