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Microsoft Dynamics GP - The Best Online Accounting Software

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People drive business results.

Regardless of the industry, you're in or the size of your organization, it's your people who drive business results. Business success depends on providing the individuals, teams, and management across your organization with access to the information, systems, and tools they need to work at peak performance.

But you know that. And we know it because we have been working with our customers to design.

Microsoft Dynamics, an online accounting software that delivers the right information and business tools to the right people at the right time.

Built on proven Microsoft technologies and designed to work with, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the ease of use, flexibility, and deep functionality that helps drive performance keeps overhead costs and equips you to keep pace in a competitive marketplace.

Familiar to your people

Get an accounting software that is already well known! Dynamics GP lets employees focus on their key responsibilities, decreasing wasted time and increasing productivity. Just as important, Microsoft Dynamics GP works seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications, helping eliminate the need to juggle applications and empowering your people to make the applications they use every day!

Fits with your existing Microsoft systems

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers deep integration with the Microsoft Office. System flexibility, integrated security features, and customization tools give you the ability to adapt the system to meet changing business needs with minimal cost. By moving to the cloud, you don't have to worry about software maintenance, upgrades, backups.

Enables confident decision making

Access to information from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics GP includes list-based navigation, lookup windows, drill-back and inquiry tools, and custom links to applications and Web Sites. The result? Increased employees satisfaction. Your people have the information and tools they need to streamline.