Microsoft Dynamics GP vs NetSuite

Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite are two of the leading business management systems on the market.  When choosing the best business management tool, it’s worth considering the software’s functionality, flexibility, price, and vendor stability.

Below is a quick guide on how Microsoft Dynamics GP compares to NetSuite:

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Microsoft Dynamics GP



Flexible solution available both on-premise and hosted
Packaged cloud functionality


Ease of use with seamless integrations to Microsoft tools such as Word and Excel
No integration to Microsoft tools

Data Ownership and Control

Freedom of retaining and exercising as much control over data and applications
Purely web-based solution, giving users less control over their software and data and adding cost to handle certain customizations


Lower total cost of ownership
Lower initial cost


Provides a wide range of customization options
Provides limited customization options

Data Sharing

Ease of information sharing and report creation with integration to Microsoft tools
Limited option for data integration, sharing and analysis

Vendor Stability

More than 2,000 certified implementation partners worldwide
A few hundred vendors worldwide


Canadian and US payroll module available
No payroll moduleподать рекламу в интернете бесплатнопрофессиональная косметика