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Why Troy Chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why Troy Chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Troy is a small business owner who’s managing a company that’s been operating for a year and a half. He’s looking to spend $100 a month for an ERP software that’s a bang for his buck, easy to use, can integrate with familiar Microsoft products and grow alongside his business. For now, he wants the software to have core financials and a strong reporting capability.

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CLOUD MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Business central is a business management solution that's connecting people and processes like never before. From day one it makes ordering, selling, invoicing and reporting easier and faster. Turn your multiple disconnected systems into one. Boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows all from within familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. Get a complete picture of your business with built-in intelligence. with your business running in the cloud, it's easy to change and adapt at your own pace. Start with what you need, quickly and easily, then be ready for growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Features

    Dynamics 365 Business Central is available at two price points: Essential and Premium.

    Essential includes:

    • Financial Management, including general ledger, workflows and audit trails, bank management, budgets, deferrals, bank reconciliation, dimensions, fixed assets, and currencies
    • Customer Relationship Management, including contacts, campaigns, opportunity management, and built-in integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales
    • Supply Chain Management, including sales order management, basic receivables, purchase order management, locations, item transfers, and basic warehousing
    • Human Resources, including employees and management of their expenses
    • Project Management, including resources, estimates, jobs, and time sheets
    • Other, including multiple languages, reason codes, extended text, Intrastat reporting, scheduled tasks, and integration with Outlook

    Premium includes following functionality, in addition to what’s offered in Essential:

    • Service Order Management, including service orders, service price management, service item management, service contract management, planning and dispatching
    • Manufacturing, including production orders, version management, agile manufacturing, basic supply planning, demand forecasting, capacity planning, machine centers, and finite loading, bringing the full breadth of the popular Dynamics NAV application to the cloud.
  • Benefits

    From Quote to Cash, All within Office

    Outlook isn't just for email and calendars anymore. Now you can go from quote to cash without switching applications. Set up customer or vendors, create quotes, process orders, and submit invoices without leaving your inbox. Easily export data and create outgoing documents directly in Word and Excel.

    End-to-End View

    Centralize your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an accurate end-to-end view of your business. All data stays up to date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences.

    Fast from the Start

    Handle the most common business processes from day one, like quotes, orders, invoicing, purchasing, cash management, and reporting. It's built in the cloud, so it's easy to set up and manage.

    Intelligence at Your Fingertips

    Keep people informed with easy-to-share reports including key performance indicators (KPIs), inventory, sales, and order status. Empower users to create self-serve reports from trusted data sources for faster, more informed decision-making.

    Automate and Secure Business Processes

    Improve productivity and get more done with easy-to-create workflows, audit trails, and enterprise-level security features that basic accounting software can't provide. Easily connect workflows across other SaaS services using Microsoft Flow.

    Advanced Analytics for Deeper Insights

    Access, model, and analyze data across multiple dimensions to perform ad hoc, customized reporting. Use Microsoft Power BI to create highly compelling dashboards, and to infuse big data, predictive analytics, and Internet of Things to transform data into actionable intelligence.
  • Pricing

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a robust business management solution that boosts efficiency, automates tasks and workflows.