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Friday, 19 December 2014 12:15

Ready to Boost Sales with CRM 2015? Consider the Benefits!

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Is your company considering upgrading to CRM 2015 as part of its New Year's resolution? Worried that time and training would not be worth the transition from your existing CRM? Well, your company will be happy to know that with the upcoming release of CRM 2015, many users will find key UPDATES made to CRM 2013 rather than face an entirely new system! Consider the benefits!

CRM 2015 delivers powerful updates to its sales tools! As the following features demonstrate, your company will benefit from the system’s capabilities of producing faster and higher profits!

Sales Hierarchies

CRM 2015








CRM 2015 provide the visualization necessary to help businesses see their sales in action! With CRM 2015, hierarchical charts allow a user to view accounts, products, and users with the touch of each node. Users of CRM 2015 are able to click on each block of information to learn more about their sales activity such as overall revenue, credit limit, and latest activity posts.

Product Bundling & Pricing

CRM 2015








CRM 2015's sales tools can help your company recommend and bundle similar products/accessories and services for cross-selling or up-selling. The system also helps your sales team with positioning products at the best prices which will boost sales and increase profits!

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