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Barcode Scanning App for WMS

Designed To Help Your Business Become More Productive. Discover our user-friendly Barcode Scanning app for Business Central.

Are you having trouble managing your warehouse inventory? Do you have items that come up missing? Are you experiencing frequent overages, shortages, and stock-outs?

Managing inventory for any size business usually means you must process hundreds or thousands of orders in a day; barcoding fills in accuracy gaps that can significantly improve inventory control.

That's where our barcoding system comes in; it will empower you to get rid of pen and paper and ditch cumbersome spreadsheets.

Improve your inventory management, picking accuracy and warehouse efficiency by contacting us today.



  • PO Receiving
  • Bins
  • Receiving Labels
  • RMA Receiving (Returns)


  • Inventory and Bin Inquiry
  • Bin to Bin moves
  • Warehouse to Warehouse transfers
  • Lot/Serial Management (Item Tracking)
  • Cycle Counting
  • License Plating
  • Dynamic Barcode cross-reference assignment
  • Activity tracking for labour standards/costing

Sales Shipment Processing

  • Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Wave/Batch Picking
  • Parcel Shipping Label Integration (ie: UPS/FedEx)
  • Pick verifications w/item images
  • Packing Slips and Shipment closeout (incl. tracking information)

Compatible Devices:

  • Datalogic
  • Honeywell
  • And more!
  • We can also customize the app for customizations done in Business Central ie : receiving

    Please note: We only support Windows CE devices

Supported Editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential Edition and Premium Edition

Implementation Cost: TBD

PRICE: $60 per device/per month

The system is best optimized for Industrial RF hardware. We suggest Datalogic Falcon X3+ or FalconX4 (WE7) however, any device with these parameters will work.

  • QVGA resolutions of 240x320, (touch screen preferred)
  • RDP Capable OS, (WinCE6 or WC7)
  • 1D or 2D Laser or Imager, (2D barcodes require custom configuration)

Hardware costs range from $1200 and up. WebSan can provide wholesale pricing.

Supported countries: This app is available in Canada and the United States.

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