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    A.M.A. – Ask me anything about Business Central Webinar!

    Have questions about Business Central and don’t know where to turn to? We’ve come across many businesses that have many questions about Business Central but don’t know where to start. This session allows you to ask business and product-related questions to our resident Business Central expert, Andrew King. We’ve broken down the session into three parts to ensure that we can answer as many questions as possible!

    Webinar Agenda:

    1 Hr. (2:00 PM) - General Questions. This includes business challenge questions and sales related questions.

    30 Min. (3:00 PM) - Business Central Manufacturing related questions*

    30 Min. (3:30 PM) - Business Central Jobs related questions*

    *Please note: Due to time constraints, we may be unable to answer very detailed questions. These may be addressed in a follow-up communication.

    Submit your question when you register! You will also be able to ask live questions as well.

    Date: Wednesday, July 8th 2020
    Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM EST

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