35.5% of manufacturers are facing supply chain disruptions.

Companies that implement modern ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics are able to support change and increase operating margins by 21%.

How do Manufacturing companies benefit from an ERP Solution?

Digital transformation helps industries and businesses capitalize on new opportunities and innovations around the globe. However, becoming a digital enterprise requires more than just implementing new technologies. Manufacturers must also navigate a complex world of legal risk and compliance in their journey.


Improvements in inventory turns

Source: Aberdeen Group


Reduction in operational costs

Source: Aberdeen Group


Reduction in inventory

Source: Aberdeen Group


Improvements in internal schedule compliance

Source: Aberdeen Group

Keep All Work in One Place

Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry.

Implementation Plan

Manufacturing Plan

Core Financials + Finance & Distribution + Read more

  • Planning Worksheet + Requisition Worksheet
  • Inventory planning/MRP
  • Production Orders w/ manual and/or automated backflushing
  • BOMs, Routings
  • Capacity Planning
  • Data conversion for BOMs, Routings and open Production Orders
  • Data conversion for inventory item planning parameters and stock keeping units
  • Web/live remote training
  • Core Financials Jet Reports - See sample reports
  • Optional: WebSan's Premium Accelerator Package - Learn More

Please note: Multiple companies, 3rd party integrations, additional GL history (assume 3000 entries max) and Customizations are an additional cost. There is an additional 15% cost for on-site training and design services.


$70,800 - 16 WK Implementation

(For customers that opt out of Jet Reports, an additional $2,000 will be added to the implementation price.)

WebSan's Supply Chain Accelerator Package for Manufacturers

Our add-on package is a monthly subscription plan that will allow you to take advantage of a library of supportive apps created by WebSan that will enable you to spend less time hunting for information and more time managing your operations to add value.


Simple customizations to improve usability, custom forms and custom fields typically used by distributors.

$100 per month


Back order processing, restocking fees, minimum freight charges and accruals, advanced discounting.

$225 per month


Overseas in-transit shipping and tracking with 3PL integration and automated invoicing.

$300 per month

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