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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales System

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, enhanced user experience, and campaign management in the cloud.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

  • Focus on critical factors for building long-term customer relationships, such as Sales Automation, Customer Service, and Marketing Excellence.
  • Familiar Microsoft interfaces that makes the system easy to use.
  • Native Microsoft Outlook client and embedded Microsoft Office features.
  • Access anywhere, anytime using a web browser, a tablet or directly within Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Customization options allow the system to adapt to your business needs and then continue to grow along with your organization.
  • Automation features, such as workflows, increase your employees' productivity and reduce errors

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Deliver a robust product that your sales team needs and wants!

 Sales Executive
Sales Manager 
Sales Professional 
 Business insight and visibilty

Tools to manage key KPIs 

True qualified leads 
Ability to spot new opportunities  Insights to outsmart the competition  360-degree view of customers 
Transform your business into a customer-centric organization 

High conversion and win rates 

Access Dynamics 365 for Sales anywhere 

At the heart of any successful businesses are the people who are equipped to win!