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Which option is right for me?

We all have different needs as your business evolves. That's why WebSan offers three options to help you take advantage of the best accounting software on the market today.



Hosted (Subscription)


Hosted (You own license) 



 Rapid deployment and lower cost of ownership You already own Microsoft Dynamics software license but are looking for a partner to host GP/CRM for you You own the hardware and software you are acquiring
 Reduce dependence on IT personnel   You maintain absolute control over your IT environment 
Make changes to users and modules as you need    You are responsible for all upgrades, maintenance, backups etc. 
Pro  Pro  Pro 
You are not responsible for any hardware or purchases or maintenance You own the software, but you don't need to purchase hardware infrastructure You maintain control of your data and are not dependent on an internet connection
Con Con Con
You do not own the software Access to the system depends on an internet connection Large initial investment of software and hardware

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

What to consider?

TCO is a financial estimate intended to evaluate technology costs that may not be apparent in the upfront pricing.

TCO chart


 You only own 57% of the software, and you are responsible for the other 43% in technical costs. With WebSan, we take on 100% of the responsibility which means no headaches for you!


Hosting with WebSan would involve:

No software licensing costs

No new infrastructure requirements

Low cost for services

Lower capital investment

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