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User Setup
Restrict posting to "Receive Only" for POs (prevents user error)
System enhancement in the USER SET UP table that has a capability to restrict a user to post the Purchase Order to RECEIVE only.
Location Card
Default dimension on sales order/invoice line by location
Customization in Location Card where you can set up Default Dimension and will automatically reflected in Sales Order and Sales Invoice lines.
Posted Sales Shipments
Add Sales Order number and External Document number to Sales Shipment list display
Additional Information in Posted Sales Shipment list, wherein the Sales Order and its External Document No. is reflected as additional column.
Purchase Order
Add field "shipping tracking info" to screen in Purchase Order and Posted Purchase Receipt document
Free text field in the Purchase Order document that you can use in detailing any shipping information that will also be forwarded and in the Posted Purchase receipt document
Sales Quote
Display item image on quote documents (pdf) generated from Business Central
System ability to Capture Image of the Item(s) transacted in the Sales Quote Print-Out either in PDF or Word output.
Vendor Ledger Entries
Expose Document date on Vendor Ledger entries
Enhancement in Vendor ledger entries where document date is reflected for proper references.
User Setup
Expose "Carrier Quote #" field on Sales Order and Shipment and enable field to move from Sales Order to Shipment automatically
Free text field in the Sales Order where you can input delivery/shipment details that will forwarded in Posted Sales Shipment document.
Sales Order
Prevent posting for same external document number by Customer
One of the most critical issues in a posted transaction is to avoid duplicate data. To that end, we created a functionality which prevents sales documents to be posted if the External Document number already exists and is posted. Sample SO that we tried to post with external document number already existing in posted sales invoice:
Select- Items Unit of Measure
CBM Customizations (cubage, volume, weight) visibility on PO/SO forms and PO/SO screens
In Business Central, Item has an available set up for the LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT to come up with its Cubage. This is a useful tool for most distribution company as they can use this in their planning activities specially during the delivery of products wherein mostly there is a specific size for the trucks they are using during their distribution. SET UP IN ITEM UNIT OF MEASURE PER ITEM
Inventory Quantity Precision
Inventory Quantity Precision
This option allows users to set and enforce the number of decimal places to be used on transactions for an item. This impacts Sales and Purchasing transactions for an item when entering the quantity, quantity to ship or quantity to receive.
Bill of Landing
Add truck seal number on shipment order
Additional Information for Truck Seal number in sales Shipment documents wherein it is useful tool to monitor details of the Truck use in the delivery.
Display General Product Posting Group
Display General Product Posting Group
Native Business Central does not display the general ledger posting when making an entry. This exposes the "General Product Posting Group" to allow users to change the P&L GL posting on a transaction (i.e. Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Credit Memo, Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo).
Auto Populate Dimensions
Auto Populate Dimensions
The dimensions used in the account entry portion associated with a transaction can be automatically set based on data within the transaction.
Quick Notes
Quick Notes
Quick notes can be entered on Customer, Shipto, Vendor & Item. When you select one of these in a SO/PO, it will pop up the note. Notes can also be set with an expiry date.
User Activity Tracker
User Activity Tracker
Allows you to see number of records created by user across many of the common entities in BC, and can be filtered by a date range to analyze activity by user over a specified time period. (Can be viewed in BC or exported to Excel) This is critical during a project to ensure users are testing the system.



Item Card
Auto-apply re-stocking fee on sales returns
An additional feature in Sales Module where there is a set up in the Item Card for Restocking Fee % that automatically reflected in Sales Return Order when such item is selected.
User can prescribe a discount % by item and item category by Customer
Business Central feature in Item Card where in you can set up a Discount Percentage by Item and by Item Category.
Sales History
Sales History Forecast App
The system looks at the lookback period, figures out the sales volume and with a click of a button the information gets put in the Demand forecast for MRP
School of Arts
For advanced warehousing, auto create warehouse shipment upon Sales Order creation
One of the system modifications that automatically creates Warehouse Shipment documents upon Release status of the Sales Order Document.
Sales Invoice
On posting sales invoice, accrue shipping costs
Additional Field in Sales Invoice wherein you can input expected shipping cost that post GL entry to record cost accrual.
Create back order from remaining QTY on sales order
System enhancement under Sales Order document wherein there are additional fields for the computation of Order Value and the Back Ordered Value that details the inclusion and exclusion of Item Freight and Tariff amount.
Auto Drop Ship
An additional field to denote the vendor has been added to the Sales Oder Line page. This allows users to automatically create a drop-ship purchase order for each sales line via a custom “Create Drop Ship” button. Data, such as comments, are automatically copied from the sales order line. Further, when the PO is posted, the SO is also posted.
Back Order
Back Order Auto Allocation
This feature will automatically reserve inventory that is on a back ordered sales line based on the shipment date of the sales order using FIFO on the receipts. The feature monitors available inventory in order to continuously reserve inventory until a sales line is fully reserve. All history is maintained and visible on a report or can be emailed to users
Manufacturer Part Number Add-on
Enable manufacturer part number for a purchased item to be visible on ALL Item screens for lookup, traceability and reporting.
Multi-Currency Aged AR & AP Trial Balance
Multi-Currency Aged AR & AP Trial Balance
Uses the document fx rates to ties to the GL when using multi-currency, creating an aged AR and AP trial balance report.
Sale Freight Threshold
Sale Freight Threshold
Set a threshold below which freight charges are automatically added to the order
Admin Sales Margin
Admin Sales Margin
Sets the unit cost on the sales entry to show a custom marked-up value based on a required / default margin. Any sales that drop result in a value below margin notify the user and require a custom approval.



QTY available
QTY available on item card modified to include PO in transit QTY
Additional customization field in item card where it reflects the quantity of the said inventory in INTRANSIT.
Add field to item card
Add field to Item Card for "Future Available Qty" to include in-transit inventory
Additional customized field in Item Card for “FUTURE AVAILABLE QUANTITY” that computes under Posted Warehouse less Quantity under Sales plus Quantity Under Purchase Order excluding tagged under Drop Shipment.
3PL integration export of sales orders
Customized Functionality that has the capacity to export Sales Line Report which has the ability to filter based on the available parameters.
Receipt Day
Expose "Expected Receipt Date" field in PO line
Customized field of Expected Receipt Date under Purchase Order line.
PO in transit
PO In-transit modifications to track shipments from overseas (in-transit, etc.)
Modification in Item Card to Rename PO INTRANSIT to QTY on PO PWHSE.
Restrict Posting Confirmation of Users in Business Central
Restrict Posting Confirmation of Users in Business Central
This functionality allows to setup posting restrictions in Sales, Purchase and Warehouse documents on a per User ID assignment.
Customer Pricing on Jobs
Customer Pricing on Jobs
This will automatically set prices on a job card based on the price groups in Business Central.