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EDI365 Connector App



EDI365 is an user-friendly EDI connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central used by many businesses to carry out their business operations with efficiency in less time.

Maximize communication exchanges between a wide range of business-to-business networks.

We understand that suppliers and clients have specific requirements as to how they do business. Relying on manual processes can be cumbersome and time consuming. Using an EDI connector will ensure that you can facilitate painless transactions amongst many trading partners.

We have experience working with trading partners such as Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot.

EDI365 works to make transmitting standard business documents easy and simple.

Benefits of EDI365:

Accelerated transmission

  • Information is transmitted from one business to another business efficiently and quickly
Automated data entry

  • Data is entered automatically by our EDI365

Reduce errors

  • No human interaction is involved so there are minimal chances of error or delay

Faster processing

  • With the help of our EDI365, business processes can be executed at a much faster rate as compared to the traditional method of sending information through email

Build long-term relationships

  • Develop long term relationships with trading partners and grow your business

EDI Transactions Supported:

  • 810 - Sales Invoice
  • 820 - Payment/Order Remittance
  • 850 - Purchase Orders
  • 855 - Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 - Advanced Shipment Notice
  • And more!

Supported Editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential Edition and Premium Edition


For 2020 our EDI fee schedule will be as follows:

  1. $50/month/trading partner (Per ISA ID combination) for direct connect (AS2) partners, which includes unlimited X12 document volume
    • A. $40/month/TP VAN recovery fee for any non-direct connect trading partners requiring a VAN connection (i.e. GXS, STERLING, etc)
    • B. $35USD/month (1 per environment) license fee for CODESOFT API for label printing (SSCC18/Receiving/Item) (label printing only)

  2. $500 setup fee for any new direct testing partners
      • A. Includes a standard EDI document set of core business documents: 850,855,856,810,820 and 997, plus a basic SSCC18 label and standard setup testing with the trading partner

    1. Additional X12 document mapping charge is $150/document
    2. Customer specific custom packing slip development $250 
    3. Customer specific custom SSCC18 development $250

      • A. An additional $950 excessive testing fee for 3rd party certification (CommerceHub, SPS,DSCO) for any TP mandating 3rd party certification

      Supported countries: This app is available in Canada and the United States.

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